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Reminiscente of Carlos the fifth

To return to the Granada of the itineraries of Carlos the habitual circuits of the Medieval and Moorish city that the Romantic travellers made famous on one side to discover the city of Granada that the Emperor Carlos the fifth saw during his stay in 1526.

Carlos the fifth inherited his affection for Granada from his grandparents, the Chistian Monarch. After his marriage to the beautiful Isabel to Portugal in Seville he came to Granada for a long stay. He became conscious, in situ, of the seriousness of the problem between the moriscos or new Chistians and the tragedy of these people. He grated them a cocession of fifty years during which they could Keep their own customs without being persecuted, as long as they did not attack the Chistian faith. When the Emperor Carlos entered Granada in the summer of 1526, he discovered one of the most exotic cities in Spain; a concurrence of two civilisations, Chistian and Moslem.

However it was necessary to renew and extend its structures to transfom the city and accommodate the ancient Moorish capital to the functional and representative demands of an imperial centre. At first the Emperor Carlos the fifth wanted to make Granada the political of his domain and to capture the new renaissance theories in all its order. Places like the Place of Alhambra, the stage of magnificent court festival; the San Jeronimo monastery, the residence of the Empress Isabella and the witness of artistic and literary expression; the beautiful forests around Granada, where many hunting scenes have take place.

Or events like the celebration of important festivals in the plaza de Bib-Rambla like the festivities after the good news of the pregnancy of Empress, all these are places linked to the memory of the Emperor.

source: Practical city guide / Map Granada (junta de Andalucía)