Alhambra Guided Tour

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Guided tour + tickets
Adult 12+ years old
Child 3 to 11 years old
Baby 0 to 2 years old
Guided tour + tickets + transfer
Adult 12+ years old
Child 3 to 11 years old
Baby 0 to 2 years old

Discover all the secrets of the Alhambra in Granada

Visit the Alhambra in Granada in the best possible way: with an official guide on our tour of the Nasrid Palaces, including tickets. Enjoy walking through its unique and spectacular scenery whilst taking in the history within its walls.

In addition, you visit the Generalife, a summer palace built next to the main palace and surrounded by beautiful and magical gardens filled with flowers, courtyards, and fountains. You will feel like you’re in another world without leaving Granada.

Our official guide shows you each area of the “red fortress”: the Alcazaba, the Nasrid Palaces, where you can find the wonderful Courtyard of the Lions, the Palace of Charles V and the Generalife.

Forget the hassle of buying your tickets — we provide them with our tour!


  • The Alcazaba fortress: the most antique area of the Alhambra’s complex. In the past, it was a military precinct.
  • Nasrid Palaces: including many rooms, like the Palace of Mexuar, Palace of Comares and Palace of Leones, which is considered the maximum exponent of Nasrid art.
  • The Generalife: the sultan’s summer palace, situated east of the Alhambra and surrounded by wide gardens filled with a great variety of vegetation, framed by a beautiful Islamic landscape.

The order of the visit to different areas will be determined by the time of entry to the Nasrid Palaces.