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Alhambra Private Tour through the 5 senses

The most exclusive and different private guided tour

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The Alhambra from a unique sensory experience.

Explore the Alhambra in a unique and different way. Enjoy a new concept of visit, where the audiovisual support and the sensorial stimulus make our visitors move to past times of Nasrid splendour:

  • Get to know objects used by the habitants of the Alhambra.
  • Taste the recipes they prepared.
  • Perceive the aromas they made.
  • Watch exclusive videos to discover in the most complete way the journey through the Alhambra.


  • La Alcazaba: This is the oldest part of the complex of the Alhambra. Formerly he received an exclusively military use.
  • Palacios Nazaríes: where large numbers of rooms, including the palaces of the Mexuar, Comares and Patio de los Leones, the latter considered the greatest exponent of the art Nazari understood.
  • Gardens of the Generalife: summer palace, located east of the Alhambra and surrounded by extensive gardens filled with the most varied vegetation, framed in a distinctly Islamic landscape architecture.