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The Generalife


The Alhambra overlooks the Cerro del Sol hill and, from above, it also over looks Granada: the old city, the new city, the rivers and, in the background, the fertile plain of the Vega. It is Generalife´s privileged position that makes its gardens a viewpoint par excellence.

For a long time it was the pleasure resident of the Nasrid Kings.

They sought refuge there among the fountains, gardens and hundreds of flowers when they wanted to get away from the Court, which had settled in the palaces. Over the years, a series of changes ti the gardens spoiled their original aspet, but they still are viewed as a haven of pace and tanqullity, mainly due to their waterworks.

Water flowed into the gardens fron the Royal irrigation Channel, which in turn took it from the Darro River.

A series of cisterns and reservoirs were used to distribute the water throunghout the Alhambra.

source: Vanities. XS Granada