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The award is at its fifth edition and is divided into three sections: an award will be given to the service provider (Green Med Best Service Provider) that has distinguished itself in the Mediterranean area; an award will go to the fruit and vegetable grower that emerges for its quality and innovation; an award to the exporter that spreads all over Europe and the world the Mediterranean fruit and vegetables produce.

The 2012 Green Med Awards have been assigned respectively to the certification Company IMC, to La Palma and to Villafrut. Here following are the reasons that will be read, in both the Mediterranean languages and English, tonight in the Alhambra.

Best Service Provider
In order to be competitive, Mediterranean agricolture needs good service providers in the most various domains. The Best Service Provider award of 2008 had been assigned to an Italian logistics Company, Fruttital, in 2009 to the Koper port in Slovenia, in 2010 to the Mercabarna of Barcelona which is considered the most efficient wholesale market of the whole Mediterranean, and in 2011 to an  Institute of good reputation and great merits for the formation of managment for the agricoltural sector, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, part of the CIHEAM network.

This year, the award goes to a Company that works in the certification sector. Today, certification is something very important. Everyone wants quality, much emphasis is put on the Mediterranean diet, but all this must have an evidence, everything must be certified. The award goes to a Company specialized in the certification of organic produce especially for the network of serious and well prepared certificators that it has created over the years in various Countries of the Mediterranean, for its profound commitment to quality certification of typical produce of the Mediterranean.
We are talking about a reality that operates in Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. The 2012 Best Service Provider is IMC (Mediterranean Certification Institute). The award is accepted by the President Remo Ciucciumei and is given by who received it last year, the general director of the IAM of Bari, Cosimo Lacirignola.

Best Grower
The Mediterranean fruit and vegetables production has a great tradition – we can say common tradition – but also endless varieties and typical produce from different areas and Countries. The Green Med Best Grower awards every year a Company that produces qualities in its different forms: intrinsic quality of the product, safeguard of its typical features, quality coming from research and innovation. The Best Grower is by tradition assigned to a Company of the hosting Country, as already happened in Egypt, Italy, Tunisia but not in Slovenia since that Country doesn’t have a high specialization in Mediterranean fruit and vegetables sector (in 2008 the award had been given to a citruses Company from Cyprus). This year the tradition will be respected. We have chosen a Company from the Coast of Granada that mixes quality and innovation and has reached extraordinary levels of specialization. It is the world’s first producting Company of cherry tomatoes. It is a cooperative of immense value, with 600 associated growers, that commercialize 65.000 tons of fruit and vegetables per year, for a business of over 105 milions of euros. The Green Med Best Grower 2012 is Granada – La Palma.

Best Exporter
To promote the Mediterranean fruit and vegetables production in Europe and all over the world. And to reward those who work following this direction, in particular Companies and Groups that export and are able to gain success on international markets. This is the meaning of the Green Med Best Exporter. During the last years, Companies that export had to face many challenges: relation with the big retail chains, logistics organization, research of efficiency to satisfy clients but also the research of new clients and new end markets.

The Company we are awarding this years has won these challenges and continues to grow in Europe despite the known difficulties of the European market. It is a Company that comes from North Eastern Italy that has a strong Swiss rooting and that operates in Central and Central-Eastern European Countries, that has made efficiency and perfect organization its strong point. It is a Company that we have selected comparing not only economic datas but also quality elements. The annual turnover of the awarded Group overlaps 200 millions of euros. 100% of the produce is exported. The Green Med Best Exporter 2012 is Villafrut (Italy). The award is accepted by the President Renato Iseppi and is given by the general director of Freshfel Europe, Philippe Binard.

A merit goes also to a cooperative that produces olive oil of excellent quality (Tierra Altas), as homage to Spain, a Country that is the world’s first olive oil producer and to Granada which is among the three most relevant Spanish provinces concerning this sector.
A special thanks goes to Faeca, the strong federation of agricoltural cooperatives of Granada, the main partner of the Forum.

In the afternoon, at 4.00 p.m, at the Palace of Congress of Granada the b2b tables open, offering scheduled business meetings in particular between Spanish, Russian and Italian Companies. These meeting will be accompanied by two other meetings that include also tasting and valutations of fruit and vegetables produce and olive oil. Tomorrow is the day dedicated to seminars and to a second session of business meetings, while Friday is the day of guided visits to the province of Granada, located at the feet of the Sierra Nevada, and to the Mediterranean Coast where tropical fruit is also cultivated in addition to vegetables that are distinguished from those coming from the near Almeria for their high quality.

Source: Greenmed Journal